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For many people, the entire reason for staying in a luxury hotel is to get away from it all. And although we agree that a gourmet choice of food and luxury bedding offers a great means of escape, there is nothing like a personalized rehabilitation treatment to pamper you and erase the cares of the world. This is where our field of expertise lies. We offer a place where the hotel rooms, restaurants and guest premises feel like an extension of a soothing treatment room. Is there anything more relaxing than having a simple massage or a complete therapy without battling traffic on the way home afterwards? This is just one of the reasons we are proud to offer you our selection of top value hotel & rejuvenation services, situated within a harmonious landscape, right in the heart of the unspoiled Bohemian Forest! 
The genuine choice for conscious travelers!
We welcome you to our Wellness Hotel Castle Větrov, one of the oldest castles in the Czech Republic, a genuinely hidden gem surrounded by 15 hectares of peaceful natural park, aromatic gardens and 5 ponds, completely renovated, while safeguarding with great respect its historical heritage.
This building, the reconstruction of which was completed in 2005, has its own history dating back to 1856. Around that time Mr. Jágr, a magnate from the town of Aš, decided to build a villa in the Old English style. After passing through the hands of several owners, this beautiful romantic mansion was finally purchased by its current owner, whose meticulous restoration and facelift, spanning from 2002 to 2005 resulted in the revitalization of the practically devastated “chateau”, converting the ruin into an exquisite four-star Castle-hotel. It comes with charming rooms, bars and fine dining, where guests can savour the secrets of a gourmet cuisine, as well as healthy and balanced meals.

Come visit us and indulge yourself in beauty at our Castle Větrov Wellness Hotel, and let us…

Pamper your body and soul…
Soothe your spirit…
Energize your lifestyle…
Come for a day… stay for a lifetime!!!


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